Politics Radio Show!

Tonight it was politics, politics and politics! In an effort to get young people more engaged in election issues and the mayor candidates we invited all the mayor candidates to appear on CATCH DA FLAVA radio.

CATCH DA FLAVA sat down with three of Toronto’s major players in the current mayoral race. Guests Joe Pantalone, George Smitherman and Sarah Thomson discussed youth issues, how politics empowers us, and how we can all get involved in making our city an inclusive and safe place for everyone.

Our first guest Joe Pantalone had a lot to say about the newcomer and immigrant experience for youth. Pantalone came to Canada as a teenager with little English and even less money in his pocket. Pantalone spoke passionately about what he believes to be Toronto’s greatest asset… it’s diversity. Pantalone’s vision of Toronto’s youth is that of a cosmopolitan and tolerant future with focus on community and neighbourhood centered programs. Pantalone also has a killer tailor. Snappiest dresser ever.

George Smitherman had a lot to say on behalf of the LGBT youth experience and bullying. Smitherman is an openly gay politician, a rarity in Canadian politics, and does not shy away from the harsh words many use to promote bigotry. Smitherman’s platform focuses on making the city great through arts and education, with special attention to youth employment outreach. George is determined to know the names of every single person in Toronto, and remember them. His special message to LGBT teens is to not give up, because it gets better. And then you get to be mayor (almost).

Finally, former mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson joined us for a frank chat about chicks and politics. Thomson divulged about her difficult youth where she experienced homelessness and social exclusion. The editor of a prominent women’s magazine gave us her fiery views about connecting with youth at the individual level to make things happen in the world. Thomson, a mother of two, really believes that the youth of today are more politically sophisticated and empowered than ever before. Thomson talked about how politics, and her role in it, are a conduit for change… not just an opportunistic grab for power. Did I mention that Sarah admits a crush on Justin Trudeau. Sister, who hasn’t!

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