Thank you Regent Park Focus

My time has come to an end at Regent Park Focus. It was a great experience. I am super glad I chose to do my school placement at Focus. I am thankful that Adonis Huggins offered me a job as the summer program coordinator. I learned a lot from my position. I learned about the different art programs offered, team work, leadership, goal setting, project task management, research, opportunities, challenges and so much more. It was great connecting with the Regent Park community and people. I loved all the participants in the diverse summer 2010 programs which included; arts and crafts, photography and arts, video, radio, George Brown audio play, comic book club, RPTV, Divas and Pop Divas. Many skills were developed and I had an opportunity to accomplish many goals. I loved hosting the Catch Da Flava radio, writing for the Catch Da Flava magazine and being involved in the scripts, comics and arts that were put together. I especially enjoyed going on special retreats to the Luminato festival where I watched Canadian pop divas perform like Jully Black, who I also wrote an article about in the Gender Issue in Catch Da Flava magazine. I found it very important that I got involved and did an audio play with high school students on teen mental health. This is an important topic that needs to be discussed in all of our communities. Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Center is an excellent place for children and youth to reach their full potential and explore diverse social issues using the arts and mixed media. The evaluations which were completed by the participants is an excellent tool to gain insight on what the children and youth liked about the program and what can be changed or improved for next year. This organization teaches young people to explore life skills, utilize concepts and the tools to grow into respectful knowledgeable adults, who can advocate for social justice and equal rights. The programs offered at Regent Park Focus will truly allow the youth to go into a path of success and build great character. I will definitely use what I have learned and apply them in every community. I will continue on my journey to break down barriers created by the dominant society and continue to be an advocate for women, children and youth.

I want to thank everyone who has helped me learn along the way including; Adonis, Pat, Tyrone, Emmanuel, Tresvonne Sarah, Emiee and Megan. I hope to see everyone in the future.

Love always,

~*Michele Peter*♥~
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