Radio Show on Mental Illness

The September 28, 2010 Catch Da flava show radio hosted by Araxi and Kelvin with group of youth Leyia, Stephanie and Isaac. We talk about basic mental illness terms such as an Addiction. We discuss on the air what addiction is? At the simplest level, an addiction occurs when you cannot permanently stop yourself from doing something. The term addiction is generally applied to habits that are not necessary for life (e.g., eating and breathing are not addictions), and that are also unhealthy to engage in. Usually the things we become addicted to are either very exciting or stimulating, or act directly on the brain and body to produce a desirable alteration in how we think or feel. Common addictions are to cigarettes and other tobacco products, drugs (street/recreational drugs as well as ones prescribed by your doctor), alcohol, gambling, pornography and (some say) to the Internet itself. One of our youth gust Layia used to have an addiction of eating chocolate, and Stephanie said she has an addiction of shopping. . In many forms of addiction, it is common for the addicted person to experience Tolerance and Withdrawal. Tolerance occurs when it takes more and more of the stuff to get the same amount of pleasure. Withdrawal occurs when you experience painful (and sometimes dangerous!) symptoms (generally the opposite of how it feels to take the substance) when you go for any period without that substance. It is VERY VERY DANGEROUS to try to come off of alcohol (and some other drugs) cold turkey. If you want to get sober, check yourself into a hospital that can help you come down safely.
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