Art and Crafts/Photography in session this Summer!

So far, all's well with the Dixon Hall girls that meet up at Focus for the Thursday session of Arts and Crafts/Photography!  The Arts and Craft Photography workshops is a mixed media program that is offered as part of the 2010 Summer Media Arts Program.  Currently, some activities that we're working on is a collaborative mural/poster about the changes in the Regent Park community, both positive and negative. We were encouraged to go outside in this sweltering heat and look around and assess our living environments and the people there! We were also expressing our thoughts about the language of signs, after seeing how construction/demolition seems to have marked their presence all over the place with their "danger" and "do not enter" signs.

The CNH youth have just joined the summer programs at Focus and will be attending a separate session of the Arts and Crafts Photography workshops! First session featured icebreakers, sharing, sketching portraits and making homemade play doh! We're learning that creating and expressing begins with active engagement and fun!

Stay tuned for more photos and updates of all the commotions at Focus's summer programs!

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