Luminato hits Toronto

Luminato illuminated Toronto with arts and creativity. For years Luminato displays the celebration of theatre,dance,music,film and so much more. The best part about Luminato is that most of the events and concerts are free. This is because Luminato is designed for the people to celebrate and explore the arts.

On Friday June 11, 2010, the art festival that is LUMINTO, hit the city of Toronto. The opening night was a free DIVA themed concert at Dundas Square. The crowd was packed to see 3 amazing Canadian Divas. E Talk's Traci Melchor, was the host of the night. I cheered on Traci and she thanked me backstage for supporting her. Traci Melchor is seriously amazing. She is humble and down to earth. We got the opportunity to go backstage. She chatted with the Diva writing girl's group and took a lot of pictures with us. Traci was giving the young Diva writing group advice to reach for your goals and to never give up on following your dreams. She chatted with the Diva writing girl's group and took a lot of pictures with us. She was also telling us about her appearance on an Lizzy Mcguire episode but I swear she was on a Sabrina the Teenage Witch episode. She has twins and they are 5 years old now. She also told me how she pulled some of the red weave she was wearing to give to her friend Jully Black. Speaking of Jully Black, she tore up the stage with her powerful set. She sang most of the songs from her latest album, 'The Black Book.'

Jully Ann Inderia Gordon, known in the music scene as Jully Black grew up living in poverty by a single mother who raised 9 children. It is no secret that is she gets her strength and power and diva attitude as a woman from her mother. Amidst all the glitz, glamour and diva lifestyle, Jully always has a special place for her family. Jully dedicated her second successful Juno winning album, 'Revival' in memory of her late sister who encouraged her to become a singer.

So what makes Jully Black a Canadian Diva?

Jully tells her life story through her music and voice. Her confidence makes her a great role model for Canadian ethnic woman as she not only encourages a healthy body image, writes meaningful lyrics, displays personal style and of course has a soulful strong voice, she also represents Canada to the fullest.

The other Divas included; Juno award winner Sass Jordan who was also best know for her role as a Canadian idol judge. Sass had a few rocker friends come our to support her like former Our Lady Peace member Mike Turner and Jeff Burrow from the former Canadian rock band 'The Tea Party' who both are now in a band called, Crash Karma with rocker, Edwin. She rocked out with her band and belted her rocker sound.

The final act was West Indian background, former member of an R & B group 'X-Quisite'. Nichole Holeness of MTV was also in the group. Melanie is known as Kanye West's prodigy and was nominated for several BET awards, Juno and even a Grammy. I didn't have to time to watch her perform but I heard she was grrrrrrrrrrrreat.

I got a chance earlier to see Jully Black but the rest of the members of the Pop Divas writing group were sad they didn't get chance to see Jully. Luckily for them, Ms. Black was just walking downtown, so I hollered at her and just like the name of one of her tracks, I was 'RUNNING' to meet up with her across the street with my Pop Diva's group.

Jully told me to keep up the great work I am doing with the youth in the arts and music at Regent Park Focus.


~*Michele Peter*♥~

Youth Worker and Summer Program Coordinator

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