March Break Madness-Day 1

The March Break Program was a week long opportunity for children to participate in variety of different art making workshops, games and trips. The program was held from March 15th to March 19th.

Day one of March Break was a big success! Many thanks to the participants, volunteers, and facilitators. We had thirteen youths taking part on the first day, the highlight of which was a jewellery workshop where everyone had a chance to create their own necklace or bracelet. The workshop was led by Colleen Clarke, a local professional designer and retailer of fine jewellery who lives in the community. She provided participants with an opportunity to learn about birth stones and astrological stones and the kids were also given instruction on how to make paper beads. Despite the fact that making beads requires patience and dexterity, the kids stuck with it and produced some very attractive bracelets and necklaces. The 11 to 14 aged youth who took part in the activity were enthusiastic and were very pleased with their results. We’re looking forward to four more days of fun. Tomorrow, we are offering a full day photography workshop.

By Joe Shere
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