Technology Radio Show

On Tuesday March 16, 2010 we did our (Abdi, Atharul, Shamdi and Sud) radio show was on the subject of technology. During the show Sud hosted a discussion about role technology plays in our lives and the race of those in the industry to outdo each other to build faster, smaller and better technologies. Are blackberries, social media and computers helping to build stronger human relationships or are they alienating ourselves from each other. Technologies are part of almost everything that we do. Can we stop or reduce the ever increasing levels of technologies that we use in our lives? For example there are Amish communities that have rejected the use of technologies in their lives. What is the future? No one ever imagined 20 years ago that there would be a camera in a telephone. Should we be concerned about the new developments in the field that are integrating technologies in the human body (GPS computer chips in children that enable parents to know where they are at all times)? What are your thoughts? Check out our radio show.
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