March Break Madness - Day 4

Andrea, Focus’ resident Comic Book program instructor conducted a half day workshop on Thursday morning for the 14 youths who were taking part in the program that day. Instruction focused on the basics of illustration and by lunch, all participants had created their own mini comic book. The participants remained engaged throughout the workshop and showed a really positive attitude.

The second half of Thursday’s program consisted of a sidewalk chalk drawing exercise led by a group of graduate students from the University of Toronto who wanted to engage with the kids to discuss the issue of empowerment. Prior to the artistic portion of the activity, they asked: “What do you think makes someone powerful?” The responses showed great insight, depth of character, and a sense of community. Once the superficial responses like money were out of the way, the kids began sharing that things like volunteering, family, and sharing lead to a sense of personal power. It was very inspiring to hear the kids demonstrate a sense of social consciousness at such an early age.
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