March Break Madness - Day 2

On day Two of March Break, 10 youths (seven girls and three boys) took part in a full-day photography workshop led by professional photographer Nick Kovack. Nick has been involved with the Photography program at Focus and had the advantage of already knowing many of the youths taking part in the workshop.
After providing some basic technical instruction and tips on photographic composition, the youths were divided into supervised groups and given the following assignment: Go forth into the community and approach people on the street asking for permission to take their photo. Citizen/subjects were also asked the question: “What do you think about the redevelopment that is underway in Regent Park?” The exercise was an excellent opportunity for participants to work on their self confidence (approaching strangers) and to overcome shyness.
The weather could not have been any more accommodating considering it is Mid-March—it was warm and sunny and there was no shortage of potential subjects out-and-about, enjoying the day.
In the afternoon, the group gathered to screen the results of the portraiture exercise. The photos taken by the youth were truly spectacular. Some of the kids showed a natural talent for staging and composing still images. I was once again impressed with the kids’ ability to stay focused on the activity at hand.
Hopefully, we will find a venue to display the results—check the Focus Facebook page over the next while as this is likely where the photos will be posted.
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