What's New At Regent Park TV (RPTV)

Hello, my name is Waqar. I'm a participant in the RPTV video program at Regent Park Focus. We are still editing our video on meaningful youth employment, a project that we began as part of the fall session. See our previous blogs on RPTV if you want more information.

As part of the winter session, in early January we began working on a "youth resilency" project with the city. This project involved interviewing sixteen youth from four different areas of the city about the factors that lead to resilient youth. Seema and Emmanuel did most of the editing for the video. The video was shown at a conference on resilency held on January 25 at Metro Hall.

During this week's session of RPTV, we continued brainstorming story ideas for our next video. Our next video will be a series of five different stories of people living in an apartment complex in Regent Park. So far we have about 4 stories. So this week we all participated in a role playing game to help us come up with dialogue for the characters in the stories.

PS Check us LIVE every Tuesday from 4pm to 6pm on the Live EYE on Regent Park Focus website!

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