Role Playing our Video Scripts

This is Saeema, Abdul and Abdi from RPTV.

Today we completed one script out of five for our 5-part video. With the help of our mighty leader Adonis, along with his dramatic and effective role-playing, we were able to combine our efforts, allowing us to come one step closer to finalizing our script. We personally think that that everyone’s participation as a whole gave us very positive results.

The first thing we did was getting into the minds of our characters. We did this so that we could all come up with dialogue that was in-character and appropriate.

Secondly, we came up with lines, along with actions for our script. This was a simple task now that we had all gotten into character!

Lastly, we got someone to type everything up so that our precious ideas were not lost.

Keep checking our blog to see our progress.
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