January's Last Friday

January the 29th Last Fridays' was held on site at Regent Park Focus. The evening was filled with great entertainment and excitement. Things started out slow but as the night progressed things started to pick up. The house band (Da Youngsta) opened up the night with the Bangles, Manic Monday. We heard great vocals from Dominique Lorde who bought down the house with a redition of Amazing Grace. Chadene Dyer touched us with her poem on life. During a short food break we heard from NDP candidate Cathy Crowe who was interviewed by Catch da Flava radio member William. Afterwards we give it up to Mark Hanes whose political humorous songs and innovative playing on the synthesizer got the crowd laughing. Steve J’lin blew the crowd away with his great performance singing songs like Blame it on the alcohol. While the crowd was being entertained by these great performers, they were munching down on tasty Jerk chicken, coleslaw, salad, plantain provided by Ritz a Caribbean restaurant. Overall Last Fridays’ event was great. We hope to see you all out for this month’s Black History month, at the presentation centre.
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