Global Warming Radio Show and Prorogue of Parliament

Our show on January 12th 2010, was about Global Warming. My radio members were Rima, Saad, Atharul and my self Lupa. We basically talked about the effects and causes of Global warming and how we can prevent it from happening. We talked about how the most of the causes of global warming is happening because of the green house gases produced in developed country and the people who are suffering from this are the people in developing countries. Also we talked about the effect it has on agriculture and it is preventing plant growth. Following our radio segment, Kelvin and Ryan hosted a show on the prorogue of the Parliament by the Harper government. Essentially they shut down the government so that they can avoid a parliament inquiry on allegations that the government knew about the torturing of Afghanistan prisoners. Is this really legal? Is it democratic? Is it ethical? I think this is more questions than we have answers.

By Rima.

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