Wednesday Fall Photography Sessions

Last fall Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre coordinated a workshop for young girls in the Regent Park area. The workshop was held between October 21st and December 9th, 2009 with two-hour sessions organized and run by photographer Nick Kozak. The sessions covered three essential parts to documentary photography; study, shooting, and editing.

Students were shown examples of documentary photography on several websites including and as well as It was essential that the girls gain a grasp for what documentary photography is about and what makes good composition and good story-telling before sending them off to shoot their own photos.

After viewing photography during several Wednesday sessions and learning a bit about how to use the Fujifilm cameras, the instructor went out with the girls to photograph in the vicinity. The students were very enthusiastic and came back with some good material to begin editing with. The youth were reminded to photograph a story or stories during their own time as well.


Throughout the sessions students brought back photographs taken outside of the workshop hours. Along with photos taken during workshop time the girls learned to select and adjust their photos using Adobe Lightroom software. Although some students began to photograph on their own time much sooner than others all of the participants completed short photographic stories for posting on the Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre website.
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