Hi I'm Samira and I love the Divas!

I'm apart of Diva Girls group held each Friday at Regent Park Focus. The group is dedicated to bringing the girls in the community together. In the past few months we've worked on a variety of things. Myia and Pat are the instructors but not too long ago we got a new person on the Girl's group team. Her name is Emmie and so far she has organized a lot of fun art activities for us. One project she made us do was collages and paintings. We were asked to to incorporate the pressure girls our age have to deal with into our art. This includes the pressure in looking a certain way, dressing a certain way, and just how much the media plays on our insecurities. Our collages were filled with the women and material objects society seems to think beautiful.

A few weeks ago we planted tulips with Pink Tulips, which was very enjoyable for myself and the other participants. We learned a whole lot about these flowers; like that tulips like to freeze in the ground. Hopefully they'll turn out beautiful in the spring.

But other than doing art, planting flowers and thinking about the way we feel on a deeper scale than we usually would, we go on trips. Last Friday we went to see the ever so popular movie NEW MOON, which I think many of the girls liked. The movie is about star-crossed lovers and those of us that were in the group last year got to see the first movie TWILIGHT.

So as a conclusion, I guess I have to tell you that the Diva Girl Group rocks, which it does and you'll hear from me soon.

Samira Mohamud
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