Focus Comic Book Club

Starting October, Regent Park Focus established a children's Comic Book Program at Lord Dufferin School and began engaging kids in a collective creation of a comic book. The purpose of this club was to use the diverse artistic skills of the children, combining them to create a graphic book of a mixed genre. During the first few meetings of the club, the children focused on developing characters, and outlining their skills and character traits. These details manifested themselves into a dense story, which was drawn and written as it was being thought of. The drawings were put together by the group instructor, Dasha Yarova. Some of the characters were created by the group’s two volunteers, who also organized and directed the children. There were five children in the group, ages ranging from five to seven. Overall, the comic book club turned out to be successful, as the children were able to see the book they have created, and feel the power in their artistic hands to create a tangible piece of literature.
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