RPTV Tackles Meaningful Youth Employment

Welcome to week 7 of our RPTV video production on Meaning Youth Employment. We have been meeting every Tuesday at 4:00pm at Regent Park Focus. After putting our heads together and deciding that the theme of our short film is young people and the work force, we began the real work of producing a film. This work consisted of character development and script-building, discussing the setting and of course…a camera workshop!

The group will be filming, editing, acting in and producing this film. For some members, this is their first time being involved with a program such as this one and others are returning members. So far, the chemistry between the youth has been great in terms of creating based on everyone’s ideas. It is important to include everyone’s input when planning a script as well as during the rest of the film-making process. All members have equal say and that is one of the many great things about this program. We’ll keep you posted.

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