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On Tuesday November the 17th Catch da Flava radio invited guests Emma Mcilveen, the founder of the Charlie’s Freewheels organization along with Shah Mohamed, a mechanic volunteer with the program. We discovered that the Freewheels program ran through the summer and centered around empowering a group of 11 youth predominantly from the Regent Park community, with bicycle mechanical skills. The youth met twice a week, and learned how to fix, repair and maintain bicycles. After interviewing our guests on the Freewheels program, we moved on to tie in our interview with the social and environmental impact of bicycles in this day and age. We briefly discussed biking to school and work and compared it to other forms of transport such as public transit, mentioning the TTC fare hike that occurred over the past week. The show was insightful and we as hosts, learned more about bicycles and the positive impact that they can have in today’s society and environment.

By Abdulkarim, Azam and Tazim

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