Summer Video Program

Summer Video Program Week 1 and 2

During the past two weeks in the video program we have been working with youth from K-club, Focus Youth, SEAS, Dixon Hall, and Diva Girls Group. The first few days we spend time teaching the youths how to handle a video camera. They also learned all the camera shots and angles to make their final video interesting. The end project for all these youths is to come up with a PSA, so to give them ideas we watched PSAs from the previous years.

After watching videos, as a group we brainstormed ideas of all the possible topics to make a video about. Then we asked the youth to make their own story that we discussed as a group. We always came across very good story ideas so we worked together and used all the good ideas to come up with one great story.

We see K-Club youths three times a week so they are a little ahead with their PSAs. They have already completed their story boards and they have been doing roll playing so they can get use to being in front of the camera. This group has also done the script for their story and did many run through. After all the props are collected, next week they will start shooting.

The SEAS youth group is only with us once a week and in two day they came up with the story line and as homework they are asked to think about things to improve the story.

Focus Youth, Dixon Hall and Diva Girls Group are all young student who are no more than 13 years of age. They take a little longer to understand their assignments but they are all really enthusiastic about making PSAs and acting. Instead of coming up with a story together as a group we thought we should let them take it home as homework and think about their stories at home. During their next meeting we will be discussing and critiquing the stories as a group.

Summer Video Program week 3 and 4

The K-Club youths have been working on their PSA script the past few weeks and they worked together to discuss the things that needed to be improved or changed to make the PSA more realistic. The youths did role playing with the new and improved script, they helped each other with the lines and taught each other how to act. As a group we all went to Malabar to rent the graduation gown and anything else that we might need. We even found a beautiful little church to shoot the graduation scene. On Wednesday we started to shoot the graduation scene and within three hours we completed the whole graduation scene.

With the Focus Youth Group we have been getting youths who are a bit older to work on PSA’s. They watched few PSAs that were done by Regent Park Focus youths from the previous years. They were given an outline of a story and the youths worked as a group to make the story interesting and funny.

The SEAS youth group did complete brainstorming ideas for the PSA but they had to change the story because it was a very simple story with too many unnecessary things in it. By throwing ideas at each other they successfully came up with another storyline. Together they started to work on their first copy of the script. Instead of one person doing all the work they decided to divide the number of dialogues among themselves so the work would be done quicker.

Youths from Dixon Hall and Diva Girls Group are still working on building a story. They have been coming up with great stories, but the stories are all so surreal. Both these groups are full of energy and they work very well together. With the students from Dixon Hall we asked them to role play all the ideas that they have for a PSA, this way it would be easy for them to pick the topic that they enjoyed acting for. We tried to do something different with the Diva Girls group, we gave them a short break to think of a story and asked them to say is on video.
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