Week Three of the Photography Summer Program:

To start week three of the summer photography program we worked with the K-club youth to encourage them to start finalizing their project ideas. The youth started to filter out some ideas that were not as strong or projects that would be more difficult to complete. In week three the youth were introduced to Lightroom, a photography program they would be using to view, choose, and edit their strongest photos. On the computers the youth were showed how to import photos from their cameras into Lightroom and learned about folders, naming, filtering, tags and exporting. Last, the youth were taught how to edit their photos in Lightroom using basic adjustment controls like exposure, clarity, saturation, vibrance, blacks, and contrast. The youth then taught their peers who had missed last day’s workshop everything they learned about importing and editing in Lightroom. This exercise was related back to the important life skill of teamwork and leadership as they worked with their partners to teach the basics of Lightroom. In addition the youth spent some time out shooting photos in and around Regent Park.

By the end of week three of the photography summer program, all K-club youth had established their final project topics. The youth were given calendars and note books and spent some time jotting down specific locations where they could shoot, specific shots they could take, as well as specific days that they intended to shoot on. Last, they were encouraged to research their topic ideas at home to get a better sense of what they wanted to show. This activity was related back to goal setting as a life skill when completing a project.

To start week three the Dixon hall kids decided on “Regent Park” as the topic for their final photography project. They then worked in groups to complete a collage of images from magazines. The point of the collage was to create a community using images and words to show what is important to that community. We made a brainstorm of all the things that are important to Regent Park and what shots we could take to show those things. We related this activity back to the importance of goal setting in the completion of any project. The Dixon hall kids then spent some time flipping through magazines looking out for different types of lighting. Last, they paired up and took pictures of each other trying to capture as many different types of lighting as possible.

For week three of the photography program with the girls group, we went out and shot photos in Southside Regent Park. We confined ourselves to one part of Regent Park to practice telling the story of just that area. The girls took photos of what they thought mattered to that area of Regent Park like; the people, the houses, the gardens, and the kids. We then came back to focus and looked through the photos the girls had taken talking about which ones were the strongest images.
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