Film Project

Hello, its Lupaa and Rimma we came down to focus today to act in a film project about new immigrants and their experience at an bank.

I (Rimma) played the part of a bank teller whom had a hard time understanding the immigrants language. The film focuses on the struggles between the new immigrant customer and the teller.

Lupaa: it was an awesome experience we had so much fun and i was the janitor in the film, lol. My character basically and i was very proud of that.

Hi, my name is Usman Khan. I think this PSA project is a giving youth a great opportunity to learn about filming,editing and developing films. It gives us a chance to show off our talent and skills. Along with that, we get to learn how to use professional cameras and equipment. Last week, we learned about the equipment required to shoot a film and came up with an idea for our film. Today, we got to decide on the characters and their names. This project is really fun and gives an opportunity to do something exciting indoors during this bad weather. I would love to participate in any of these projects again, in the future.
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