March Break and trip with the youths of Regent Park

I am a Regent Park Focus Volunteer who helped with the March Break Camp. During the March Break I helped with planning and organizing March Break activities. During our March Break Camp we did Icebreakers, games, Arts and craft, and workshops. On the first day of the camp, we held a workshop on inner and outer beauty. We also held a workshop on sing along songs and poetry. For the workshop we invited a guest from the local Toronto Public library. The youths also had an opportunity to watch movies like “Slumdogs Millionaire”. At the end of each day, the youths evaluated each activity we did with them. On the last day of the program we took the youths to Casa Loma. They enjoyed their trip and got to learn lot of things about Casa Loma that they never knew. They found the trip to be very interesting for them. Every youth who came to our March Break camp enjoyed it and learned something from doing the workshops, trips and working together everyday. I really enjoyed the March Break camp, and it has really helped me to know some of the youths in the program. I got to know most the youths on what they want to be when they grow up, and what do they want to do to help Regent Park to be a better community. I think March Break camp is a positive event for youth living in Regent Park to attend, because they are learning things and having fun.
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