March Break Extravaganza

Hey my name is Chantelle Hewitt, I’m a volunteer at Regent Park Focus, and on of the programs I had to run was the March Break event. On March 16 to March 20, the staff and volunteers of Regent Park Focus put on a March Break event at RPF for the kids ages 10-14 in the Regent Park community. As these 20 kids came to this exciting week we had planned for the kids, a lot of them were suspicious as to what was in store for them. We started off with an Icebreaker every morning so the kids would get to know one another. We then had arts and crafts everyday so the kids used their creativity. The kids also had to be in teams for the week and had to take part in games that would make them gain points for their team, by the end of the week the winning team won a prize.

On Monday and Tuesday, we had 2 guest speakers come in for a workshop and share different topics and storytelling with the kids. One of the topics that we discussed was on “Inner and Outer Beauty.” Some of the kids opened up about how they felt as to what other people think of them, which became an emotional part of the workshop. We usually ended the day by playing movies for the kids; one of the movies that they watched was Slumdog Millionaire. Not only did the kids do these great activities but we also took them on a trip to Moss Park to go ice skating, which was hosted by George Smitherman, and on our last day of the program we took them to Casa Loma. Overall, the kids had a fantastic week and didn’t expect to have so much fun. We even had kids from the Danforth area and Jane & Finch come to this event. I personally had a lot of fun with these kids and wouldn’t change it for anything. Who knows, maybe we’ll do another March Break event next year but even better. Stay tuned!!!

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