Regent Park Film Festival Screening

Yesterday I was given the privilege to screen a couple of my videos at the 5th annual Regent Park Film Festival. While surveying the room in which my fellow filmmakers and I would soon premiere our videos, I felt very happy that I was contributing to my community and having so much fun doing it.

I watched several great RPTV films and I really liked them! My favourite was about skateboarding and how Toronto should have more skate parks. I agree with the video, over the summer I bought a skateboard, thinking it would be fun to ride; then I realized that I didn't know where I should skate without risking getting hit by a car.

At the end of our screening there was a Q & A where the crowd asked some questions about the films and I had lots of fun. Someone asked me, "What is RPTV?" I confidently replied, "RPTV is a community program where youth can make films about anything they are passionate about. They have creative freedom and can say anything they like, and if they wish to, they could pursue it as a career.” I felt scared that I may say something strange in front of the crowd, or worse yet, not have anything to say at all which would make for a very boring evening, but I guess I hit a stroke of luck that night.

I just wish I had made it on time to the screening so I could see all the movies, but my family took so long getting ready. I'll be sure to come again next year though and have even more fun!

- Saeema Saifuddin
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