March Against Poverty

Last Wednesday I went to the March Against Poverty at Queen's Park with Liz and Billy. We brought a video camera and microphone along so we could get some interviews and make a short video piece out of it.

When we got there it was very chaotic, all kinds of people had flooded Queen's Park to speak out against poverty. Some people wanted to raise the minimum rise to $15.00 per hour. Others were fighting for more money for people on disabilities. There were people rallying for higher welfare money, saying it’s just too difficult to survive on what they currently get. Others wanted more support in paying back their student loans.

I really enjoyed being there, and also agreed with what many of the people had to say. It was definitely an experience to remember. The other journalists there were very pushy though. I mean they literally pushed you out of the way to get footage. We did manage to interview about 6 people though and got it all on tape along with action footage of the day’s events.

When we got back to Regent Park Focus we watched the footage and over the next couple of days we’ll be editing it for an RPTV episode. I really enjoy covering local events like this and look forward to the next one.

-Naya John
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