O'Connor Partnership

The Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre works with a wide range of community partners. One of the exciting partnerships involves six youth from the O'Connor community. These youth are participating in a 14 week digital media program involving the production of radio, video, music, magazine and photography.

Tasha and Ashley, two young women in the program, began their activities by carryout an extensive search for people to interview for the What's Your Beef section of the new Catch da Flava mag and the radio. For this project they recorded random street responses to the idea of banning cell phones in high schools. After editing the interviews and producing a radio piece Tasha and Ashley were on hand on May 15th to lead the radio collective into a heated discussion on the right of students to carry and use cell phones at school. Right now Ashley and Tasha are working on a short video PSA about harassment in the workplace. In their video a girl is starting a new job and finds herself questioning the intentions of her boss.

The three guys in the program are working on a PSA of their own about conscious behavior in young people and the realities of making bad decisions.

The O'Connor partnership is in their 3rd week of the program.
Keep watch on RPTV for their videos and stay tuned into Catch da Flava radio on Tuesday nights at 88.1FM CKLN.
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