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March Break Program 2017

If you ask me how was my March Break I will tell you that it was boring, except for around 1pm to 5pm everyday, when I got a chance to experience my dream job. The first day I came to Regent Park Focus, I was overwhelm by how friendly, enthusiastic and professional everyone was. Along with that I felt a little bit shy because I had so little experience in any of the roles but everyone was so nice and encouraging. Monday, and Tuesday, I got to be in the studio and learned about the camera operation, the lighting, the audio, and the editing.

Then Wednesday, the first day of filming, it was the only “break” of the week thanks to our executive director’s lateness with all the props. At that point, I can’t believe that we were actually filming a video, it was all like a dream to me. Then we took turns to act and film the rest until we realized that it was way too late. The next day was similar till the end of the week. Actually being in the studio film, I picked up a lot of tips and trick…

Session 18 - Religion and Culture

This week at the Diva Girls meeting, a guest speaker was brought in to share her poetry with the girls. Her poem was on religious culture and racism. After she shared her poem, the girls had a little discussion on why religion and culture is so important in society. Some Divas had experiences with what it’s like to be an accepted part of society while many did not know what that experience was. They went around in a circle and then talked about what makes them feel accepted and how society views them. The Divas then had a little activity where they answered three questions. They were split into two groups and the questions were “What does it mean to be a Canadian Muslim girl?”, “What is the most positive thing about being a Canadian Muslim girl?” and “What do you wish people knew about Islam”

The Divas spent a lot of time on this activity sharing their thoughts on the questions and later presented their ideas to the rest of the group.

After the break, they watched a video on Muslim g…