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For this edition of Health Talks Youth Radio, we chatted about the wonderful movie Field of Dreams starring Kevin Costner. This is a great sports classic about about family, baseball, and healing. Ray always had a tough relationship with his dad ever since his mom passed, with his dad always trying to impose his love of baseball on his son after his own dreams of making it big fell through. Before they could make amends, Ray’s dad passes away and didn’t get a chance to see him get married and have his daughter. Now older and not doing much in life, he owns a farm and one day hears a voice telling him to build a baseball diamond in his farm. This starts his mystical journey that leads to other people and ultimate healing.

Along the way, he finds a writer named Terence Mann who at this point has become reclusive. He drives all the way up to Boston to meet him and after much resistance, convinces him to go to a baseball game with him. There, they see the name for an old baseball player named “Moonlight” Graham, and they go back in time and speak to him. Somehow, the baseball field Ray creates attracts baseball players of the past who no longer are alive but they see them clearly. Magically enough, one of them is Ray’s father at his prime before he had Ray. This is Ray’s opportunity to heal his relationship with his father and he finally does by offering to play catch with his dad.

Some of the questions we asked on air were:

So this voice he hears, how do you think he gets to a point he believes they are genuine and not made up?

Do you ever think you would ever go all the way to plow down your farmland to make a baseball field JUST because you heard some whisper? What do you think it takes for you to finally do such a bold thing?

These signs and whispers he gets, why do you think he goes all the way to Boston to meet this author, and then he tells him he never gave that interview- but he went on with it regardless. How would you feel if that were you, if the person you came all the way for claims no interest in baseball but you believe that you are supposed to take him to a game? Would you not question your sanity at that point?

It’s kind of amazing that people corroborate his intuitions, like the author and like his wife. But why did nobody see the baseball players?

Why do you think they created such a movie that traverse space and time and is confusing? What was the point of the movie? Why can’t he just do a seance like the rest of us, channel the spirit of his dad?

So how important did you feel Americans take baseball based on this film?

Why do you think baseball was such a huge thing for Americans and their culture and how does it relate or is different from hockey for us Canadians?

What do you think is the thrill and enjoyment of baseball for Americans, and how do you think it’s a little different to be at a baseball game here in Canada, or how is it similar?

Playing catch is such a huge bonding experience for father and son in American culture. Why is that sport such a great way for people to come together, what is the mental and emotional bond that physical activity creates?

Why do you think it was baseball that healed his father so much?

Do you think a mother and daughter would have such a complicated relationship around baseball? Why or why not, and what would it be besides baseball if you disagree?

Do you think any Canadian father-and-son duos would ever have such a complicated relationship over hockey? Why or why not?

How do you think this story would have unfolded if it were hockey, or soccer, or football?

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