Boyz to Men: Nutrition Trivia and Webcomic completion

Today at Boyz 2 Men, Natnael and Basboos completed their comic life strips on healthy eating as the other boys offered their guesses at nutrition trivia that Amar from Toronto Public Health put together. The boys were very surprised when they heard that drinking a large milkshake can often be higher in calories and fat content than eating 4 hamburgers. They also couldn't believe that some soft drinks contain between 10-12 teaspoons of sugar and often have more caffeine than a cup of coffee! After we did our trivia, we talked about the way that you could order a pizza to make sure that it was healthier option than usual. We talked about getting our pizza to be made with whole wheat crust and ordering vegetables instead of toppings that were loaded with nitrates like pepperonis and salami. After our chat, we chowed down on a nutritious snack and we wrapped up another informative session of Boyz 2 Men. 

Brian Bigioni
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